Expect the unexpected. Personal information can be organized in an accessible way for both you and your loved ones. As sergeant-detectives with the police, when we look for the next of kin in a missing person’s case or about an unclaimed body, it happens too often that people’s legal and personal documents are hard to find. In addition, they don’t know the location of a loved one’s documents in an emergency. The information is rarely close at hand.

When you leave home, you make sure that the doors are locked and that there is a duplicate key in a safe place and most likely, someone close to you also has a copy. What about your personal information? If it’s well-protected, who has a “copy”? Who has access to it? If you lose your documents or if you are victim of a fire, theft or vandalism, or when you are travelling, the HERITAGE Kit is a necessity, because all of your legal and personal documents are in one single location.

Sense of organisation

It may seem like a daunting task to gather your assets,
documents and personal information: you have several
credit cards, a safety deposit box, RRSPs, multiple
service providers, eStatements, a Facebook profile,
an un-notarized will, a judgement of divorce , funeral
prearrangements, etc. Where do you start?

Why Nyzovie?

The NYZOVIE Heritage kit , a simple and effective system,
allows you to consolidate all of your information and
important documents in one place

Organize your documents with the NYZOVIE Heritage Kit!

Convenient Format

Most documents are of legal format and will easily fit in the NYZOVIE Heritage Kit, in any legal-sized filing cabinet.


Its unique and categorical classification system allows you to have easy access to the documents and/or personal information.


Regardless of circumstance, the NYZOVIE Kit, helps you avoid the stress and frustration of having to search for documents at a moment’s notice.

Optimal Organization

The NYZOVIE Kit is designed to help you sort and organize all of your important documents that will prepare you for any eventuality.

Do you know the patrimony of your family members, your spouse or in laws?
Are your loved ones aware of all of your patrimony and estate? Should
something happen to you, does your family know where to find all the paperwork
that concerns your life?

If you answered No to any of these questions, NYZOVIE is for you!