The Founder

Sotiria Klironomos : With more than 20 years on the police force – 12 of those as a detective sergeant – Sotiria faced challenging situations that led her to reflect on her own circumstances. At work, nothing was more distressing than being unable to trace the family of a deceased person. In her own life while planning a two-year stint living with her family on a sailboat, she realized that if misfortune struck while she was away from home, it would cause incredible anxiety and complications for her and her relatives . Therefore, prior to her departure, she made sure to draw up a notarized will and left copies of all her important documents with her sister. She realized that most people go through their life without ever thinking about how their sudden death or incapacity would be handled by their closest family or friends. A will is essential … but often not enough.

Our Mission

To help simplify your estate by giving you and your loved ones security and peace of mind.

The NYZOVIE Heritage Kit

The NYZOVIE kit gathers all of your important documents
in one location, preventing your loved ones from having
to search aimlessly for needed documents in an urgent situation.
It’s a simple and effective way to plan for whatever may occur
during your lifetime—or after.

For every NYZOVIE Heriatge Kit sold,
$1 will be donated to the Shield of Athena organization.